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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT!!!! With the same quality and integrity of service we have offered you in your immigration paperwork!!

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We know that coming to Mexico might be difficult sometimes with the confusion of the many immigration requirements that are asked to foreigners for even a simple visit to Mexico. That is why we are here to serve and aid you whether you are in Los Cabos for simply living, work or vacation.


Here in "The Paperworks" we handle all types of immigration documents from new Temporary Resident cards as well as renewals, Permanent Resident cards, tourist visas, aid with migratory fines, legal mediation, building new corporations and business, certified legal translations, drivers licence, car registration (circulation card), property management and our newest service of USA Visas. Constultation is always free!!!

As a foreigner in Mexico you must possess a Visa whether is for working, living or just visiting. Depending on the purpose of your stay in Mexico there will be a document that will suit your need in the country. For Information on the different types of documents visit our services section

Also the most popular questions asked by our new or current clients are answered in our frequently asked questions section. Maybe your questions has already been answered so check that section. However, if you have any other further questions remember it is always free consultation and its our pleasure to be of service!

Through my extensive years of living and working in Mexico as a goverment official for 22 years (3 of which were as the head of immigration in Cabo San Lucas), here in "The Paperworks" we have access to many services to make your life in Mexico as stress free as possible.

Do yourself a favor and instead of dealing with confusions, unnecessary trips or wasting your valuable time make your stay in Mexico pleasant.

  Remember here at The Paperworks "We Make Your Stay In Mexico Easy!"



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