(The immigrant Visa or previously known as FM-2 and now what FM-3 has been modified to).

Immigrant is the foreigner that settles legaly in the country with the purpose of becoming a citizen in it, while he acquires the "Permanent Resident" status. LGP Art. 44



This Document is intended for people seeking permanent residency “Permanent Resident” in Mexico and eventually the “Mexican Citizenship”. It is important to advice that you do not lose your original citizenship; you gain another citizenship after four years under this document.

Also, under this document it is important to define the type of activity the person is interested in doing in the country. The Temporary Resident can be defined as Lucrative (With the permission to work in the country with a required labor offer from a Mexican company, as well as live, rent or own property) or Non-Lucrative (With the permission to live and/or own property in the country).



How to Obtain a New Temporary Resident Card

If you have not ever applyed for a Mexican visa then these are the steps to obtain a new temporary resident card in order to achive the permanent resident status after 4 years!

They are:


A) You need to find the nearest "Mexican Consulate" or "Mexican Embassy in your country or city of origin; you can go to



You will find there the adress and phone numbers of all Mexican embassies in your country.


B) You have to get an appointment to file for a "Temporary Resident" Visa.

They will give you the list of documents that you have to bring with you to the interview (passport photo, 6 to 12 months of personal bank statements, origial passport, etc..)

Note: please mention in the interview that you want to move to Mexico and get your residency here an plan to stay more than 6 months a year and also if you own real state property in Mexico or have a mexican bank account bring proof of it (FIDEICOMISO Bank trust and Statements).

C) Once you have the Visa approved (They will stamp the visa, a decal, in one of the blank pages of your passport) you have up to 180 days to enter Mexico and then exchange that visa, at the local immigration office (here is where we can help you do your document!!!!) to get your "Temporary Resident" card.


D) First you will be granted with a one year "Temporary Resident" card and then, a year later you can file for a 3 year renewal at once.


E) After the four years as a "Temporary Resident" you will be moved to a "Permanent Resident" with no need to renew ever again and also to qualify for the "Dual Citizanship".


Let us know if you have problems to find the nearest consulate, with your adress, we can help you and it is always a pleasure to be of service.


Please feel free for any other question.




If you wish to know the prerequisites to apply for this documents visit our "Prerequisites" section in our webpage.

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